Compositionwork is a method inspired by an old tradition of Japanese gardens and based on the scientific theory of the Dialogical Self (Hermans& Hermans-Konopka, 2010).

 It can be applied in different practices focused on personal and professional development like coaching or group training.

A person is invited to externalize his or her inner world by identifying important aspects of himself/herself, representing them by stones and making a composition.The inner world is represented then as a landscape of mind similar to a Japanese garden. This composition can be explored and further developed together with a coach.In this way it is possible to understand better inner conflicts, resources and blockages, have insights into the inner patterns as well to define the developmental directions.This exploration is like a travel in the inner world which is opened in front of a person.

 The method works on two levels: verbal and nonverbal. The abstract quality of the materials (stones) relates to the unconscious and helps to connect with direct, going beyond words affective experience.In this way intensly stimulates the process of self discovery and development. Visit a website of Compositionwork

Work with composition in coaching has been described in the book: Dialogical Self Theory:Positioning and counter-positioning in globalizing society, published by Cambridge University Press in 2010, written by Hubert Hermans and Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka.

Founders of this method: dr Agnieszka Konopka and prof dr Hubert Hermans.